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Seasonal Promotions ;)


We are committed to quality dental care, and the best consideration for all patients needs. This is a place in our web where you will find "seasonal promotions" to help you save money with us and have the best dental experience at high level standards.


"Our mission is to contribute, provide and maintain patients general health through dental treatments"


Replace your missing teeth with dental implants; best way to complete yourself.


Single dental implant and final crown from $1,300 US splited in two cash payments. Contact us if any questions or for an estimate; Do you have multiple teeth to be replace? We can help with your budget. 

Dental implant solution to replace missing teeth is always an affordable treatment option with us, we order large stocks from the best implant companies with world wide recognition. Also, we can keep low our expenses because Dr. Armenta takes care of all cases from implant surgery planning to final prosthesis, so, we do not have to hire any other dentists that are out of town creating and extra fee reflected in your budget.

Every Patient loves the "WOW" moment...

It’s the moment that comes when a patient first sees the beautiful smile that’s the result of Zoom! procedure. 

The Philips Zoom! whitening is designed to keep your bright smile and looking until the next scheduled cleaning appointment.

Enjoy a confident new smile with Philips Zoom! whitening  

Ask us about our professional teeth whitening promotions today!


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